Web Development SLA

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This SLA is between Prophase Marketing and you, the client for the purposes of Website Development.

This SLA outlines the parameters of the Website Development services to ensure they are mutually understood by Prophase Marketing and the client.

Service Description

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifically describes the Website Development Services provided by Company.

Project Scope

Company has been tasked with providing beginning to end design and development of a website for Client.

Project Services

Website Development Services Include:

    • Initial consultation
      • Consultation will begin the project communication between the Company’s web developer(s) and the Client
      • The Questionnaire provided by the Company is to be completed by the Client to set the site requirements

  • Website Revision
    • Before going live with the website, the Client is allowed one revision of the website after development
    • Revision parameters
      • Content changes
      • Image finalization
      • Branding color tweaks
      • Product updates
    • If revisions exceed previously agreed upon timeline, then a sales order will be created to complete additional requests at our standard rate $80/hr
  • Deployment and upkeep
    • Additional work is charged at $80 per hour
    • Hosting/Maintenance/Security services are available via the MainSec Bundle, which includes an hour of changes/per month. Priced at $125/mo

Project Timeline

The Company will stick to the agreed upon Timeline once the Client Questionnaire is complete.

The proposed timeline is contingent upon the Client Material Responsibilities completion and is subject to change.

The Company will respond to emails regarding downtime, changes, and updates within 2 business days.


Roles & Responsibilities

Company Responsibilities

The Company will provide the infrastructure, technology, personnel, and processes necessary to deliver the website.

  • Project materials
    • The Company is responsible for providing the Client Questionnaire and Website Content Outline
  • Website Functionality
    • In the event of a website attack, it is the Company’s responsibility to restore the website using the most recent backup
    • In the event of server downtime, it is the Company’s responsibility to communicate with the hosting company
      • The Company is not responsible for issuing a restoration timeline
    • Any problems that arise from updates, changes to installations, or website modifications made by the Client are not the responsibility of the Company.
      • Assistance in this instance is subject to becoming a sales order and The Client will be charged at the rate of $80 per hour for repairs.

Client Responsibilities

Client responsibilities in support of this agreement

  • Project materials
    • Timely completion of the Client Questionnaire and Website Content Document
    • Timely purchasing of domain and providing domain control access
    • Timely handover of photography, logo, graphic assets, and any branding information
    • Timely handover of passwords and login data necessary to complete the project
  • Website functionality
  • Notifying the Company if there are issues with the website functionality or performance
  • Outside costs and fees
    • Any outside costs incurred by the Company for project related services are the responsibility of the Client
      • Outside costs include but are not limited to
        • Material cost
        • Printing
        • Photography
        • Customer illustrations
        • Writing
        • Software (as needed)
        • Hardware (as needed)
        • Domain name (as needed)

Payments and Cancellation Terms

The Client agrees to pay half of the agreed upon quote prior to The Company beginning work.

With reasonable cause, either party reserves the right to cancel this agreement by giving written notice to the other party indicating the intent to terminate.

The Company will be under no obligation to refund payments after 5 days of receiving payment.

If The Client cancels services within 60 days of launch, The Client will be charged the initial startup fee as quoted.

A zip file copy of the website files and database will be provided to the Client for a one-time fee of $199 upon cancelation. All files will remain the property of the Company until final payment is satisfied.



The Company is responsible for providing the Client with a functioning website

The Client is responsible for all content on the website, whether provided by the Client or the Company.

Any content provided or edited by the Company is subject to review by the Client.

The Client is responsible for accuracy of content once approved.

In no event will Prophase Marketing be liable to the Client or any other party for any loss, including time, money, goodwill, lost profits, and consequential damages based on contract, or other legal theory, which may arise hereunder or from the use, operation, or modification of the working product.

The maximum liability Prophase Marketing hereunder shall not exceed the amount actually paid by client under the applicable task contained in this agreement.


This agreement represents the entire Agreement between Prophase Marketing (the Company) and the Client, with respect to obligations and responsibilities to be performed by the parties hereunder. Both parties agree that all other agreements, proposals, purchase orders, representations and other understandings concerning the subject matter of this Agreement, whether oral or written, between the parties are superseded in their entirety by this Agreement.

No alterations or modifications of this Agreement will be valid unless made in writing and signed by both parties.


No other modifications to this Agreement shall be valid unless initialed by authorized members of both parties.


Intending to be legally bound by this Agreement, and acting in good faith, both parties hereby agree to the terms and conditions stated above.




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