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Save Money. Hiring your own programmers, designers, and social media managers to do your marketing is very expensive and demands your valuable time. Let us do the work for you! With our own in-house team, we use cutting-edge technology and software that offers everything you need and more! We work with a variety of business types including pharmacy, real estate, retail, beauty, hardware, gyms, restaurants, and more.

Full Service. Social media management, website design, SEO, content marketing, promotional material and more. We are a full-service marketing and software company with dedicated sales staff, savvy marketing consultants, and technical support to ensure that you are successful.

Social Media Management

Connect with new and current customers through the digital world with Social Media Management, SEO and more.

Web Design & Hosting

Responsive, fresh and unique websites to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Promotional Materials

Traditional, yet effective marketing tools for your business to thrive.


Rise Above the Ordinary

In today′s world, the importance of a well-executed web presence cannot be underestimated.

Marketing is ever changing and confusing. We get it. Its hard to keep up and stay at the top. Now is your time to take a leap of faith. Bring your business to the next level. Break through the clutter. Rise above the ordinary with us by your side.

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New Improved ProPhase Marketing: A Process

New Improved ProPhase Marketing: A Process

At ProPhase Marketing we are always changing with the times, which is why we wanted to update our website. It took some time, work, energy and a whole lot of coffee. Nevertheless, it was definitely worth it.
Directly Connecting With Your Customers: Direct Mail Brings Results

Directly Connecting With Your Customers: Direct Mail Brings Results

Today is all about being online, but what about the traditional way of doing, well, anything? Entertainment went from board games and live shows to apps. Shopping went from going to a store to looking on a website.
SEO: What in the world is it?

SEO: What in the world is it?

You’ve heard marketing agencies talk about it. You’ve seen lectures on the importance of it. But you still don’t know what it Search Engine Optimization is! This is by far the most confusing, brain tricking idea, super tech thing. So, here’s the break down for you.


Setup and design was a cake walk. They walked through all the options and did the heavy lifting for us. It requires minimal interaction from staff to gather data and transactions at the end of the day. Customer services it top-notch! Support knows their product very well and have been able to assist with minor issues we encountered.

Snappy Sport Senter

Great ROI!

We have over 100,000 members in our loyalty program and about 35% of our total revenue comes from our loyal members! When a members comes in with their birthday offer of $20 off they end up spending on average $76. That is an increase of $53 from our transaction. Thank you for making this an easy program to use with great results!

Bonfire Restaurants/Axel's Restaurants

Very Pleased!

When we switched over from our previous rewards program we realized it was an upgrade in both features and in value for the cost. Where else can you get substantially more for substantially less money? We recently added their mobile app and can't wait for our customers to see it! Their customer service has been and continues to be outstanding!

Mark Jackson's Red Oak Hardware Hank