Search Engine Optimization

More traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Our SEO services offer a visible and effective search presence
 leading to a considerable increase of sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization is
fundamental to success.

Domain Authority

Build credibility by establishing domain authority in the eyes of search engines.

Search Listing Rank

With great authority, comes great rankability. We’ll adjust site content to improve your ranking.

User Interest

The more relevant you are to a given topic, the easier it will be to start gaining site traffic.

Optimize Usability

Getting people to your site is only the half of it. Predict your visitors’ needs by optimizing site content.

SEO Packages

Affordable solutions with your business in mind.

We NEVER outsource our client work, all content is crafted in the USA.

Personal, White Glove Service.  No ticket systems or endless phone calls!  You've got your rep on speed dial.

Standard Features

SEO Audit & Optimization

$299 / One time
  • All Standard Features

Ongoing SEO

$999 / Per month
  • All Standard Features
  • SEO-Focused Blog Posts (6)

SEO Elite

$1999 / Per month
  • All Standard Features
  • SEO-Focused Blog Posts (10)
  • UX Monitoring
  • Competitor Ad Spend Monitoring

One Time SEO Audit

This one-time service will provide you a full review of your website – from errors that need to be fixed to understanding why you’re currently ranking the way you are and how to start showing up the way you want to.


We Use Cutting Edge Technology


What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization is a service that optimizes your website and lets you receive organic traffic from search engines.

What does Prophase do for their SEO clients?

We offer optimization services to the businesses and improve their online visibility. It also makes changes in the design and content of the website so it attracts search engines.

Is hiring Prophase worth it?

Yes! Our SEO services can benefit your business and resolve SEO issues. You will start seeing actual results after some time but it’s worth your money.

How much do SEO services cost?

How much do SEO services cost? Prices for SEO services depend on several factors, including the SEO agency, SEO strategy, and existing SEO of the website. On average, businesses plan to invest $1500 to $5000 per month into SEO services. For SEO consulting services, most hourly rates range from $100 to $300.

Our Featured Case Studies


American Logistics & Packaging was a new logistics and fulfillment company looking to establish themselves online. After crafting a top-notch website for customers to interface with, Prophase set to work establishing their PPC presence. In a short time, Prophase was able to generate hundreds of new visitors to their site and immedately have an impact on their bottom line.

American Security Cabinets

By consolidating ASC’s websites into one Supersite, they could focus their marketing efforts, create a better customer experience, and increase efficiencies in their manufacturing, sales, and customer support. The ASC Supersite has increased revenue and website traffic and cut costs, impacting the business immediately.


The combination of a hyper-niche market and B2B sales made ARXG a challenge. By doing the common things uncommonly well and utilizing their nation-wide database of customers, Prophase was able to take ARXG's business to new heights with a comprehensive PPC strategy that includes Search, Display, and even Video Ads.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Prophase Marketing has done a wonderful job placing my products on social media. Colleen takes special care when creating my posts, they are so much better than I could produce myself. Their fees are very reasonable also. Thanks Prophase Marketing!”


Estuary Skincare

“The PowerTeam 2020 LLC was helping tons of people achieve their dream of home ownership but felt the word was not getting out fast enough. We decided to enlist the help of top talents like Propose Marketing who understood our needs. Prophase Marketing provided The PowerTeam 2020 LLC with guidance and manage the company social media platforms and we are already seeing great results. Enlisting the help of Prophase Marking has definitely been one of the best investment The PowerTeam has made. The PowerTeam 2020 LLC is confident the results will continue to improve and we will definitely continue to lean on the expertise of the professionals at Prophase Marking to manage the company’s social media platforms and put it name out there”


The PowerTeam2020

“”We have been working with Prophase marketing for almost a year now. We tried to manage all our social media in-house, but it took too much time and was not as efficient. We needed professional help, so I did a lot of research and decided on Prophase marketing because of their flexible plans. I was immediately impressed with their quality of their product and service. They are extremely professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable in their field. We get many compliments on our posts. The feedback is that the posts are professional, simple so as not to confuse, and consistent. I work closely with my account manager, Paige, and she is awesome! I could not be happier with Prophase marketing. I’m so happy we found them!”

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