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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media FAQs

The level of involvement required from the client can vary depending on the scope of services. We require input and feedback from our clients on a bi-weekly basis. We believe it’s essential for our team and clients to discuss expectations and communication upfront to ensure both parties are on the same page and to ensure our team maintains and upholds the client’s vision, brand, and strategy.

Client imagery is not required but is always a bonus. At the end of the day, you know your product, brand, services, and team best, and this should be shown on your social media platforms. We are always happy to substitute licensed stock imagery when needed. Prophase Marketing assumes any imagery or content provided by the client to be infringement free of copyright. We are not liable for vetting content provided by the client.

We offer two forms of communication with our clients, email and/or phone time. Email is provided as the primary form of communication for all service needs. Pro and Premium Social Media packages have outlined monthly phone time to connect with your dedicated Social Media Specialist each month.

A ‘proof’ typically encompasses two weeks’ worth of content based on the service type. A proof document contains designed graphics, post copy, hashtags, and the dates anticipated for scheduling.

Your dedicated Social Media Specialist will work two weeks ahead on content delivered to you in a proof format. You, the client, have three business days to review and provide changes to your Social Media Specialist. There are two rounds of revisions offered per social media proof.

We offer two rounds of revisions per proof. Corrections must be submitted within three business days of receiving the proof via email.


Pay-per-click advertising, commonly referred to as PPC, is a form of digital marketing in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. Pay-per-click ads can be displayed in a variety of formats including search engine results, social media platforms, videos, website banners, pop-ups, mobile apps, and more. 

In a pay-per-click campaign, advertisers will work with businesses to bid on specific keywords, phrases, or inquiries that are relevant to their target audience. When the end-user enters a search term or behaves a certain way that matches the business’s preferences, the ad will appear in front of them. The advertiser only pays when a user clicks on the ad. 

PPC advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to get in front of a hyper-focused target audience. Pay-per-click adverts can increase brand awareness, encourage customers to inquire about your business, help generate leads, and prompt recurring revenue. 

PPC ads can be highly targeted based on a variety of factors such as location, interests, demographics, time of day, and device type. Campaigns can be run with different end goals in mind such as sales, leads, traffic, brand consideration, reach, promotion, or customers taking physical action. 

A typical budget depends on a variety of factors such as industry competition, trends, and business goals. Small-to-medium sized businesses spend anywhere from $500 to $10,000 per month on pay-per-click advertising. 

Although pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest ways to get in front of potential customers, it’s important to remain patient and allow time for your campaign efforts to generate data, optimize for better performance, and gain consistent traction.  

Website FAQs

A website is a powerful tool that any business can use to improve its visibility, branding and online presence. In addition, a website can help your business attract new customers and create more leads. For these reasons, every business should have a website.

We focus on small to mid-market companies as well as non-profits but can deliver good value to organizations of just about any size. We have the experience and expertise to work with large enterprises but can also deliver world-class services at price points affordable by small companies.

On average, we shoot for a six to eight week turnaround, but the pace of any project is set by each client. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with feedback, how soon the content is ready – all this affects the speed of completion. The functionality needs may also play a role – more complex sites will take more time to develop.

Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! We work hard to ensure your website looks great on a variety of devices.

Shopify is a fully hosted e-commerce platform, so if your website doesn’t sell products or only sells a few products then Wix or WordPress would be a better choice.  Wix includes web hosting and is a website builder, while WordPress is an open-source CMS with more customization options available.

We offer hosting packages for our WordPress websites. 

Sure. We will help you source stock photos for your website as it is included in our web design and development services. We will be using stock photo sites like www.envato.com and www.adobe.com for this purpose. 

A business website is virtually useless if it cannot be found by people searching for the goods and services provided by that business. We provide basic search engine optimization  as part of our website development contract. We also can provide additional SEO services. 

The website we build for you will be 100% yours. Since you are the complete owner of the website, if you decide, for any reason, to approach another web development company for the service we will happily help you make the transition as easy as possible. Our clients seem so satisfied with our services as they stay with us all the way.

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