Direct Mail

     Direct mail may seem old school, but it delivers great results. Certain demographics respond better to direct mail than any other form of marketing. Direct mail can also help you reach people who are new to your area, reach out to your community for special events, or send birthday coupons to people to get them in the door. 

     How do our direct mail programs work? Here’s a step-by-step guide to how it works.

     First you need to call us! Whether you’re a current client or not, use our loyalty program or not-we can help.

     It all starts with a design. We offer a variety of free designs that can easily include the information you would like to include and your logo or branding. Or we can build you a completely customized design (like the one below).

     Once you’ve approved your design it’s off to our in-house printer. We will print up copies, perform quality control on your order, and address your postcards.

      Now it’s off to the post office. But, don’t worry! We include postage in our cost so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

     Then it’s in your customer’s hands (or your potential customer!). With our beautifully designed postcards you’ll be sure to catch their attention.

Want to learn more about the types of direct mail we can print? Check out our portfolio page for samples or contact us below for more information.

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We have 30 years experience helping small businesses grow through smart marketing. We work with a variety of business types including pharmacy, hardware, retail, beauty, and restaurants.


We are a full-service marketing and software company with dedicated sales staff, savvy marketing consultants, and technical support to ensure that you are successful.


With an in-house team of developers and designers we offer cutting-edge technology and software that offers everything you need and more!









Great ROI!

We have over 100,000 members in our loyalty program and about 35% of our total revenue comes from our loyal members!

When a member comes in with their birthday offer of $20 off they end up spending on average $76 that is an increase of $53 from our average transaction.

Thank you for making this an easy program to use with great results!

Jodi Schoenauer

Bonfire Restaurants/Axel’s Restaurants

Very pleased!

When we switched over from our previous rewards program we realized it was an upgrade in both features and in value for the cost.

Where else can you get substantially more for substantially less money?  We recently added their mobile app and can't wait for our customers to see it!

Their customer service has been and continues to be outstanding!

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson's Red Oak Hardware Hank



Setup and design was a cake walk. They walked through all options and did the heavy lifting for us.

It requires minimal interaction from staff to gather data and transactions at the end of the day.

Customer service is top-notch! Support knows their product very well and have been able to assist with minor issues we encountered. 


Jon Lupton

Snappy Sport Senter

6321 Bury Dr.
Suite 19
Eden Prairie, MN 55346