5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Just Isn’t Working

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According to research from Microsoft, the human attention span has significantly decreased in the last 15 years. In 2000, it was 12 seconds. Today, it’s shrunk to less than 8.25 seconds. Whether you believe attention span has an impact on marketing effectiveness or not doesn’t pertain to today’s blog post. Nonetheless, it poses an interesting […]

Is A.I. The Future of Copywriting?

Is A.I. the future of copywriting?

After hearing from a colleague about potentially trying copywriting artificial intelligence, I was very curious. It hadn’t occurred to me that A.I. has fallen into the realm of writing already! After doing a few preliminary searches about copywriting A.I., my interest was piqued. And then I used one (spoiler alert: I was dazzled). Which begged […]