prophase home slide copy 1 Grow your business while increasing brand awareness and connect with your online community.

Social Media Management

Develop Brand Awareness

Gain more relevant followers and build the right social media strategy that will get potential customers more familiar with your brand.

Connect With Customers

Captivate and connect with your target audience to build relationships with customers.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Increase consumer traffic to your website by reaching your desired target audience in a much larger capacity.

Why Choose Our Social Media Services?

Cutting Edge Customer Service

All client questions or comments are answered in a timely manner.

Work One-on-One with a Specialist

You will be assigned a dedicated specialist to work with you to produce creative and unique content.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Package prices are communicated upfront and our services can be canceled at any time.

All Content is Created In-House

Content is not offshored and is created by our social media and graphic design specialists.

Social Media Packages

*Information below is based on 6 profiles.



1hour Consultation Call


Branded/Curated Posts Per Week, Per Profile

Total Posts Per Week

Total Post Per Month 

Annual Contest Setup

1 Paid Ad Per Week

Dedicated Social Media Specialist

User Dashboard

Analytics Reporting

Social Media Specialist Support



PER Month / no contract









PER MONTH / no contract 






Phone (30 minutes per month)



PER MONTH / no contract






Phone (1 hour per month)

Don’t see exactly what you need? Check out our A La Carte options below!



Social Media Services – A La Carte

*Additional services to accompany what is already included in social media service packages

  • Extra Phone Support
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Phone support is a one time purchase, hours expire after 1 year

    • 2-hour bucket$150.00
    • 5-hour bucket$250.00
    • 10-hour bucket$400.00
    • 20-hour bucket$600.00
  • Additional Revision Time
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Monthly purchase, request repurchase monthly

    • 1 extra revision per proof$50.00
    • 2 extra revisions per proof$110.00
    • 3 extra revisions per proof$175.00
    • 4 extra revisions per proof$250.00
  • Engagement
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Monthly purchase, request repurchase monthly

    • Engaging in post comments$100.00
    • Engaging with direct messages$150.00
    • Engaging in post comments & messages$225.00
  • Additional Posts
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Monthly purchase, request repurchase monthly

    • 1 extra post per week (4 additional posts per month)$60
    • 2 extra posts per week (8 additional posts per month)$100 
    • 4 extra posts per week (16 additional posts per month)$180

Managing Your Social Media For You!

Let the experts handle your social media!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with new customers and create a stronger connection with your current customers. With our social media packages, you’ll receive your very own dedicated Social Media Specialist that will work one-on-one with you to increase your brand recognition, develop an effective social media strategy, and use that to grow your business. Additionally, you will earn higher conversion rates and profits for your business.

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Get More Out Of Social Media With Paid Advertising

Stand Alone Items & Add-ons

  • Geofencing: Through geofencing, we can help you target specific individuals who are most likely to use your products or services. There is a management fee for setting up and managing the virtual fence to target individuals in a select location.
  • Paid Advertising: With paid advertising, you will have the ability to help you increase your brands awareness, generate new leads, and bring in new customers.
  • Contest: Social Media Contests will get future customers engaged with your page and is a great way to get your brand out there via word-of-mouth.
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