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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing minefield of technical terms, HTML code, best practices, and checklists. Our web designers and copywriters are well-versed in these practices and keep themselves up to date on the changes in the industry. It sounds like a difficult task—to some extent, it is.

Google, Bing, and other listing platforms use code and content to rank your pages in their results. Both your content and your code need to meet their standards if you’re hoping to score well in SEO audits and get your pages positioned highly in search engine results.

The Need For SEO

Search Engine Authority

Having authority on a search engine is the first step to performing well. The higher your authority, the more “official” you look, the better you’ll do.

Search Listing Rank

With great authority, comes great rankability. Once your authority is set (though it may change) the search engine will rank you. Is your content and code on the page relevant to people’s searches?

User Interest

This is where things get extra tricky. Once you’re ranked, and someone is seeing your listing, is your listing interesting? Does it use the right words? Does it draw people in to come to your site?

Optimize Usability

Say those people do come to your site. Can the easily navigate the site? Can they find what they’re looking for? Does your site’s search give them relevant results?

Reporting and Tracking to Keep Up

Let us worry about the fine details, we’ll give you the summary. All of our services include reporting to give you an overview of the important details so you know what and why things are happening.

Personality Meets Technicality

We work from two angles

Technical SEO

SEO used to be solely focused on keywords, HTML tags, descriptions, and meta data. All of those things are still incredibly important for proper Search Engine Optimization. Your URLs need to be concise and relevant. Your titles need to be concise (again) and relevant. Your HTML tags need to be set correctly. It all plays a part in making sure Google understands what your site is about at a quick glance.

Personal SEO

This is the newer, trickier part. Google quickly learned that people were exploiting and cheating to get great search results. Now they use the content of the site itself to rank. Do your sentences make sense? Are your titles interesting? Is your content relevant to the titles and tags, and not just stuffed with keywords?

SEO Audits and Services

The following is including with every plan:

SEO Packages



Established Goals

SEO Audit

(What's this?)

We use Google and SEMrush to check how your page currently scores using various SEO rankings.

Suggested Meta & Title Tags 

Suggested Alt Tags and Image Changes

Backlink Reporting

Keyword Evaluation

Opportunity Report

Competitor Advantage


Top Issues


Content Strategy Online

Link Building & Content

Training Session

Ongoing Keyword Monitoring

SEO-Focused Blog Posts

UX Monitoring

Competitor Ad Spending Monitoring 


Audit +


no contract


Audit +


*Up to 5 pages




per month payment plan





per month payment plan


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