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4 SEO Do’s and Dont’s in 2022

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4 SEO Dos and Don’ts in 2022

Best practices to emulate and biggest mistakes to avoid.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Management (SEM) are some of the most abstract and complex spaces in marketing. No other service type blends technology and artistry like SEO. SEO is the optimization techniques and content strategy your business follows to increase your rankings on Google (and other search engines, like Bing). It seems simple on paper; however, the algorithms and the data read are incredibly dynamic. Staying up to date with all of the changes in technology, data analytics, and the algorithm itself makes great SEO practices a complex moving target. What’s worse—your site authority and rankings can be damaged by bad SEO – potentially costing you hours of labor and thousands of dollars attempting to repair it. Every website out there today probably has at least one thing that could be updated, refreshed, or tweaked that will impact your search authority and rankings. Today we’ll cover five of our best tips and five pitfalls to avoid with our Dos and Don’ts of SEO!


DO: Have a plan – Content Strategy is Key.

A significant difference between ‘good’ SEO and ‘great’ SEO is consistency. Our friends @ Search Engine Journal® estimate that 57% of small businesses don’t have an SEO strategy. Consistency of voice, medium, timing, and usefulness elevates your optimizations to the next level. Having solid, practical, entertaining, educational, and unique content is critical for Google to notice your brand or business. Easy way to be consistent? Put your strategy together in advance; to whom are you communicating your messaging? How are you sharing it? Who is selecting or sourcing the topics? Who is going to generate the content?

DON’T: Repeat the same strategies over and over

SEO is dynamic—and the shifts can come from the search engines themselves, changes in your market or customer base. Your content strategies should be dynamic as well. SEO is NOT a set-it-and-forget-it type project—great SEO is ongoing, unique, and adaptable to changes in the algorithm, your customer’s needs, and the needs of your business. Repeating the same strategies over and over because they worked yesterday is a sure-fire way to cripple your efforts now and in the future.

DO: Survey your audience

One of the oft-untapped benefits of running a business is the data and engagement capabilities that marketing in the modern era provides. Leverage those contacts with your customers by surveying them to gauge what content or topics would be of use to them. Allowing you to create content that you KNOW will be useful to your customers—and valuable for growing that customer base as new people discover your work.

DON’T: Only Optimize for Keywords, but not SERPs

SERPs, search engine page results – this is what appears on Google (or other search engines). By studying this page for any keyword, or related terms, you’ll find that the actual searches vary from the term itself. Think of how you look up something on Google; most people will discover they’re not searching for just keywords—there’s usually some action along with it. An example—we don’t search for “SEO.” Your search for “what is SEO, Best SEO practices, Best SEO Companies, what are the best SEO Companies, SEO Services near me.” By targeting only, the keywords and not the actual searches, or the intent behind the words, we limit our ability to reach customers where they are.

DO: Go long

The Marketing Community seems to agree—long-form content is here to stay. When engagement is critical for the health and growth of a business, marketers & Brands need to capture the consumer’s ever-shrinking attention for longer and longer periods. Investing in and executing long-form content types will be a bread-and-butter strategy for any Brand, business, or marketer who wishes to capture the customer’s attention while keeping them engaged.

DON’T: Pick a Keyword & Write for it

Once upon a time, Brands may have gotten away with writing a keyword-stuffed article to rank for their chosen niche. Today, the algorithms & criteria that grant keyword authority are far more focused on the intent of searches “SEO” vs. “Best SEO companies near me” – which one of those examples do you suppose is easier to rank for? The data tells us the latter. Don’t write for a keyword; create informative, engaging, and valuable content for your audience. Google has a name for what it means by “quality content”—the EAT principle—which stands for ‘expertise, authoritativeness, and trust.’ These are the variables Google uses to judge if your content meets its ” quality standards.”

DO Video, that’s it.

We’re not kidding; Facebook/Instagram & Youtube have hosted longer-form videos since their inception. In 2022, Video has never been a more popular medium, with the likes of Snapchat and TikTok capturing the world’s attention and thereby the attention of advertisers, marketers, and business owners. Short-form Video or long-form; Video offers an immense opportunity to connect with your customers. Have them engage on your site (and for more extended periods, too), and as intent-in-search & semantic search rise in use – so too does the SEO value afforded by video content.

DON’T: Ignore where your customers land

This is a big one for us in the marketing industry—you’d be surprised how many clients say something like, “I am getting clicks on my (insert marketing channel here) but no sales/leads/conversions; what gives?” Does your landing page on your website reduce customer friction, or increase it? Can your customer learn what they need to know about you and make the split-second decision to buy/contact you—all without hitting their scroll button? Keep to the fundamentals when designing your landing pages – a clear call to action, not overly complicated, communicate with clarity what problem your product or service will solve.

SEO takes practice, just like we say “practicing law” or “practicing medicine. The more we involve ourselves in even the most fundamental level of practice—the more we become able to see the patterns and trends that drive content strategy. Let Prophase Marketing help you build good habits with our SEO services: contact us now for a consult.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]

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The Client

Hail Shelter Car Covers are the only covers on the market today that truly protect against hailstorms. Many claim to protect against hail, but they just fall short. Until now, the idea of a versatile car cover that protects against hail did not exist. Their covers are engineered with unmatched Multi-Layer designs consisting of three patented, industry-leading, protective materials. The High Impact Absorption Materials are engineered to protect your investment from Hard Impact. They tested well up to Pool Ball (2″) Size Hail.

The Challenge

There is a large market for car covers of all kinds, but our duty was to help this company differentiate itself against competitors. Additionally, they don’t have a physical store – meaning we needed to convince those to purchase something without ever feeling it or seeing it with their own eyes.

The Solution

We’ve focused our social strategy on making known what makes this car cover so great compared to others. We’ve mixed social mediums – graphics, videos, and a contest. We wanted to highlight the emotion between a person and their vehicle and why it’s important to offer their car protection.

The Results

  • Sales have increased, resulting in this company needing a larger manufacturing facility.
  • Instagram & Facebook reach and profile visits have down exponentially from the start.

The Testimonial

“We have been working with ProPhase marketing for almost a year now. We tried to manage all our social media in-house, but it took too much time and was not as efficient. We needed professional help, so I did a lot of research and decided on ProPhase marketing because of their flexible plans. I was immediately impressed with their quality of their product and service. They are extremely professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable in their field. We get many compliments on our posts. The feedback is that the posts are professional, simple so as not to confuse, and consistent. I work closely with my account manager, Paige, and she is awesome! I could not be happier with ProPhase marketing. I’m so happy we found them!”

The Client

Meat Asia BBQ is a growing and developing Brooklyn-based food company specializing in Asian skewers and so much more. They want to build brand awareness and pivot social media content to reflect a more Asian, modern, pop and graffiti style.

The Challenge

Meat Asia is event-based and does not currently have a website. They want to pivot their content to a more eye-catching and graphic style. Overall, the challenge is to create great content that will connect with people and gets them to order their food and attend their events without external information, like a website.

The Solution

We’ve focused on developing the style of the images with a mix of Asian and New York flair. It has included adding their logo to very dynamic art and photography, making memes with manga, and editing “urban” photography with their branding. It’s all about being fun and creative.

The Results

  • Overall, we increased their following by 14% in 21 days
  • On Facebook, we increased their following by 20% in 21 days
  • On Instagram, we increased their following by 14% in 21 days
  • On Instagram, we increased total engagement by nearly 80% in 21 days

The Testimonial

Our Sales Team received a voicemail complimenting their Social Media Specialist on how happy they are with how services are going so far. They reiterated this sentiment with “OMG, you nailed it!” on recent feedback on new content.

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