Restaurants offer a unique challenge for marketing. In a crowded space how do you stand out? ProPhase Marketing can help! We can create buzz for your menu, run an easy to use loyalty program, and offer options that make it easy for customers (and more importantly potential customers) to find you on social media. Below you’ll find a sampling of services for restaurants.

Branding: Want to create a fresh look? We can help you create custom branding that works across all platforms. It’s essential to ensure you have a cohesive look across the board.

Customer Survey: Gathering customer feedback is incredibly important! We offer a variety of ways to survey customers including a welcome survey, after purchase surveys, on-demand surveys, and so much more. You can offer loyalty members a reward for taking the survey and encourage customers who aren’t loyalty members to sign up!

Social Media: Engage with customers where they are-on social media! From Facebook to Yelp we can help. You can choose a variety of packages and add-on options. See more about our social media packages here.

Website Design + Hosting: Need a website or a website refresh? We can create a customized website with everything you need from menus to loyalty logins for an affordable price. Our hosting includes 30 minutes of refreshes each month so if you ever need updates to your menu or photos it’s no problem!

Mobile App: Mobile app creation is easy with ProPhase Marketing! We’ll work with you to create a customized mobile app for both iOS and Android to drive customers. Our apps are not just informational-they do everything you need them to! Sign up customers for loyalty, check gift card balances, and even encourage them to stop in when they’re in the area with push notifications and geofencing technology.

Restaurant Website Email

Email Marketing: Once you capture your customer’s emails what do you do with them? We can help with our included email marketing campaigns. Need something special? Let us help you create a custom email campaign for a special offer or event.

Direct Mail Marketing: Use direct mail to reward loyalty members, reach new community members, send birthday coupons, and more. You can use our free templates or we can create a custom template that matches your branding.

Loyalty Program: Loyal customers spend more. Keep your customers coming back by offering them a reason to-our seamless loyalty program. Our loyalty program integrates into many point of sales to provide you with a hassle-free way to reward your customers. Rewards can be based on the amount spent or the number of visits and the reward certificates will be sent to your loyalty members via email, direct mail or both, instantly issued, or stored to ensure your loyalty program works for both you and your customers.

Restaurant Printed Gift Card

Gift Cards: Want to make it easy for customers to gift the experience of dining at your restaurant? We have an easy to set up and use gift card program that your customers will love!

Want to know more? Head to our Services Page for a full overview of everything we offer!

Want to check out samples of our work? Head to our Portfolio Page to find samples of our work.


   We work with a number of point of sales that many pharmacies use. Our software solutions work seamlessly with these point of sales systems to make your programs easy to use and seamless to manage.


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Great ROI!

We have over 100,000 members in our loyalty program and about 35% of our total revenue comes from our loyal members!

When a member comes in with their birthday offer of $20 off they end up spending on average $76 that is an increase of $53 from our average transaction.

Thank you for making this an easy program to use with great results!

Jodi Schoenauer

Bonfire Restaurants/Axel’s Restaurants

Very pleased!

When we switched over from our previous rewards program we realized it was an upgrade in both features and in value for the cost.

Where else can you get substantially more for substantially less money?  We recently added their mobile app and can't wait for our customers to see it!

Their customer service has been and continues to be outstanding!

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson's Red Oak Hardware Hank



Setup and design was a cake walk. They walked through all options and did the heavy lifting for us.

It requires minimal interaction from staff to gather data and transactions at the end of the day.

Customer service is top-notch! Support knows their product very well and have been able to assist with minor issues we encountered. 


Jon Lupton

Snappy Sport Senter

6321 Bury Dr.
Suite 19
Eden Prairie, MN 55346