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Is Bundling Services the Perfect Marketing Solution in 2022?

Have you ever browsed your local grocery store and came across two or more products that complemented each other? Why do you think the salsa is next to the chips or the peanut butter and jelly is right beside the bread? There’s a reason for that!

It’s not because the store wants you to buy those products at the same time– maybe you already had jelly at home. The reason these products are offered in close proximity with one another is for your convenience as the consumer.

The same principle applies when exploring marketing options for your business. You might already have a social media presence but what’s the good in that if you don’t have a website to reroute customers. Maybe you don’t have any marketing channels or the tools necessary to get started. That’s where business bundles come into play!

Here are 5 reasons to help you decide if bundling marketing services is a good idea for your business:

1. Helps tell a consistent story

Storytelling starts with marketing and ends with your product or service offering. When you market something, you need to be on the same page as the consumer. If there is any informational disconnect between the two parties, the harder it’s going to be to get the consumer to make a purchase.

Bundling allows you to create a consistent brand message across marketing channels. If the consumer feels like they aren’t comfortable basing their purchasing decision on information found in a social media post, they need to have the option to access another outlet to learn more. The more information the consumer has the more likely they will be to invest in your business offerings.

2. Shifts the focus from cost to value

When you invest in something, you deserve the right to know what you’re paying for. Any marketing agency can offer services to you at an hourly rate. The problem with this is naturally you’re more focused on the cost rather than the perceived benefit and, in the process, you might lose sight of your marketing objectives.

When you shift your focus from cost to value, bundling is the most effective means to achieve a tangible return on investment. It will allow you to better understand and address your business’s marketability while simultaneously tending to your consumer’s needs.

3. Simplifies your business strategy

One of the most famous examples of product bundling was carried out by none other than Microsoft. You can’t just buy one Microsoft Office program. When you buy the bundle, you receive all the bells and whistles– Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, OneDrive, Teams. Now, you might not use all of the Microsoft Office products at once but the key is they eventually work in tandem.

Working in Word and then being able to seamlessly share your work via Outlook to collaborate in real time is convenient, right? You wouldn’t have been able to do that if Microsoft didn’t see the proprietary value in bundling their services together. It’s no magic that success in one marketing channel seeps into the others.

4. Less pressure on choosing the right services

A social media campaign is only as good as its call to action. A website is only as good as the SEO behind the domain name. A logo is only as good as the loyalty program that fosters its significance. So, where do you even start when trying to choose the services that are right for your business?

Bundling services together helps diminish any room for uncertainty. You can be confident in your marketing efforts because you know you’re hitting all the right spots. The classic saying “two is better than one” seems to make sense now.

5. Most importantly, it saves you time

Taking care of your business takes a substantial amount of time, money, and energy. It can be daunting to pick and choose the right service offerings let alone pivot marketing strategies on a whim.

When you bundle services together, you have greater control of its application. You can clearly address performance issues, streamline promotions, and identify newfound marketing opportunities. What are you waiting for? Start bundling marketing services so you can save your most important asset– time.

Simplify your business with a business bundle!

Prophase Marketing now offers marketing bundles that fit your business’s needs! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing marketing efforts, we’re here to help.

Connect with us via our contact form or give us a call at (866)-268-4959. Learn more about our Business Bundles services today.

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The Client

Hail Shelter Car Covers are the only covers on the market today that truly protect against hailstorms. Many claim to protect against hail, but they just fall short. Until now, the idea of a versatile car cover that protects against hail did not exist. Their covers are engineered with unmatched Multi-Layer designs consisting of three patented, industry-leading, protective materials. The High Impact Absorption Materials are engineered to protect your investment from Hard Impact. They tested well up to Pool Ball (2″) Size Hail.

The Challenge

There is a large market for car covers of all kinds, but our duty was to help this company differentiate itself against competitors. Additionally, they don’t have a physical store – meaning we needed to convince those to purchase something without ever feeling it or seeing it with their own eyes.

The Solution

We’ve focused our social strategy on making known what makes this car cover so great compared to others. We’ve mixed social mediums – graphics, videos, and a contest. We wanted to highlight the emotion between a person and their vehicle and why it’s important to offer their car protection.

The Results

  • Sales have increased, resulting in this company needing a larger manufacturing facility.
  • Instagram & Facebook reach and profile visits have down exponentially from the start.

The Testimonial

“We have been working with ProPhase marketing for almost a year now. We tried to manage all our social media in-house, but it took too much time and was not as efficient. We needed professional help, so I did a lot of research and decided on ProPhase marketing because of their flexible plans. I was immediately impressed with their quality of their product and service. They are extremely professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable in their field. We get many compliments on our posts. The feedback is that the posts are professional, simple so as not to confuse, and consistent. I work closely with my account manager, Paige, and she is awesome! I could not be happier with ProPhase marketing. I’m so happy we found them!”

The Client

Meat Asia BBQ is a growing and developing Brooklyn-based food company specializing in Asian skewers and so much more. They want to build brand awareness and pivot social media content to reflect a more Asian, modern, pop and graffiti style.

The Challenge

Meat Asia is event-based and does not currently have a website. They want to pivot their content to a more eye-catching and graphic style. Overall, the challenge is to create great content that will connect with people and gets them to order their food and attend their events without external information, like a website.

The Solution

We’ve focused on developing the style of the images with a mix of Asian and New York flair. It has included adding their logo to very dynamic art and photography, making memes with manga, and editing “urban” photography with their branding. It’s all about being fun and creative.

The Results

  • Overall, we increased their following by 14% in 21 days
  • On Facebook, we increased their following by 20% in 21 days
  • On Instagram, we increased their following by 14% in 21 days
  • On Instagram, we increased total engagement by nearly 80% in 21 days

The Testimonial

Our Sales Team received a voicemail complimenting their Social Media Specialist on how happy they are with how services are going so far. They reiterated this sentiment with “OMG, you nailed it!” on recent feedback on new content.

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