Direct Mail Services

Building successful Direct Mail Marketing campaigns since 1986.

We have the solutions for your direct mail advertising

Prophase Marketing has been Direct Mail advertising since 1986. We know how to blend digital marketing’s data analysis with direct mail’s personalization and perceived value. Direct mail solutions are the most flexible and efficient marketing mediums with incredible reach. Combine the tried and true natural mail options with digital marketing strategy to create a comprehensive approach. Prophase ensures your ads and business are sending the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

The Perfect Mix: Technology & Tradition

Alone Direct Mail can offer unparalleled demographic targeting & reach. Studies have shown that the average ad needs to be seen between 7 and 20 times before taking action. Direct Mail, on average, will spend days on a counter–providing continued exposure to a single ad. Combined with modern tracking and analytics, Direct Mail provides both great feedback on your ads as well as their conversion rates. Adding a Direct Mail package to a Digital Marketing Strategy can increase conversion rates by 40%.

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