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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Achieving Success in 2021


Have you ever browsed social media and came across a recent post of your friends hanging out without you? Maybe you experienced feelings of loneliness, regret, or even resentment.

That’s kind of what it’s like to miss out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, arguably two of the most anticipated shopping days of the year.

As the holiday shopping season quickly approaches, businesses are scrambling to find ways to maximize their reach and target prospective customers.

To help you get ready for this year’s festivities, we’ve prepared eight surefire tips that will help your business succeed during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021.


1. Be Vocal
You can’t assume your customers will know that you have the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of the year; you have to tell them. Letting customers know of your plans for the shopping season well in advance gives them more time to prepare, spread the word, and feel a sense of anticipation!


2. Go Hybrid
In the wake of a global pandemic, many businesses are still unsure if they should offer in-store or online deals. Safety is a crucial element of the customer experience. As much as you may think people will attend an in-person Black Friday event, you may be surprised to find that some customers might prefer browsing online deals from the convenience of their homes.

According to Harvard Business Review, hybrid marketing systems can offer numerous benefits, including increased coverage, lower costs, and customizable approaches. Businesses that maximize a hybrid system will enjoy a significant competitive advantage over rivals that cling to traditional ways of reaching prospective customers.

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to this challenging question. Nonetheless, offering seasonal shopping deals across multiple channels will provide greater reach and higher conversion rates. There is no better time to start a hybrid format for your business than the busiest shopping days of the year!


3. Maximize Social Media Ads
Social media creates a new form of customer experience. Like tailoring traditional marketing efforts to prospective customers, social adverts and digital marketing is an effective tool for your business to receive a quick return on investment.

According to HubSpot, more than 70% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service based on social media referrals.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are overflowing with deals consumers can take utilize. If you are not at the top of their social media feed when they’re browsing, you’re missing out on potential revenue. Invest in social to ensure you are getting the most out of this year’s shopping frenzy.


4. Take Advantage of the Season
Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most popular shopping days out of the year, that doesn’t mean you can’t prolong its glory. Last year amidst the pandemic, companies made the wise decision to start promoting earlier and roll out discounts throughout November.

Here are some social media examples from last year:

• “This year, we’re doing Black Friday all season long” (Best Buy)
• “Black Friday Now” (Target)
• Black Friday “Deals For Days” (Walmart)
• Black Friday “Early Access” (Macy’s)
• “Too great to wait Black Friday deals” (Kohl’s)
• #BlackNovember

According to Sprout Social, there has been a 160.8% increase in the keyword “early” on 2020 Black Friday posts compared to 2019. We can likely expect a similar trend during this year’s shopping season. If your business is looking to find success this holiday season, you should consider extending your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!


5. Encourage Engagement
Engagement is one of the telltale signs that your business is making an impact on consumers. Positive engagement can lead to an increase in sales, customer retention, and company reputation. On the other hand, negative engagement can also turn away potential customers and act as a looming cloud over your business.

Offer exclusive deals for those who follow you on social media or who leave you an online review. Host live Q&A sessions. Respond to customer complaints and direct messages. Work with influencers. Repost user-generated content that mentions your business.

There are countless ways that your business can increase engagement! The sooner you pick them up, the quicker you will reel in new customers while satisfying your existing base.


6. Creativity is a Must
In 2021, creativity is one of the most effective ways a business can target potential customers. The most innovative brands will understand how to connect with their customers on social media and find creative ways of leading the conversation instead of riding the wave.

Creativity helps you stand out, especially when competition is high. Companies are competing for every last drop of attention during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By exercising your business’s creative skills, you’ll be one step ahead in snatching the interest of consumers and creating future opportunities to expand on those efforts.


7. Utilize Various Mediums
Regardless of your intended audience, businesses are seeing the benefit of utilizing various mediums to reach consumers. Social media, email, television, direct mail, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), telemarketing, radio, and even old-fashioned print are just a few ways companies are maximizing their reach.

TikTok is a perfect example – this new social media platform is taking the digital world by storm. Brands like Chipotle, the NBA, Red Bull, even Crocs are connecting with younger audiences by creating short but entertaining videos to communicate special deals and announcements.

As the busy shopping season approaches, consider diversifying your marketing efforts by having your team take advantage of other mediums.


8. Give your 110%
It is undoubtedly a unique time for businesses and consumers alike. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not what they once were. However, despite the challenges ahead, it’s essential to keep your business objectives in mind and strive to uphold excellent customer service.

It may be hard to recognize the benefit of addressing every customer complaint or review. You may find it difficult to enforce safety precautions. The long hours and busy days might be inconvenient for you. Your business’s ability to provide exceptional value for the customer will go a long way. You can be sure of it!

Now Get To It!

You’ve read our tips; now it’s time to put them into action. We wish you lots of success this upcoming shopping season!

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